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Profile of Dr. V. T. Ingole

Dr. Vijay Ingole is a multifaceted engineer and scientist who knows the purpose of his life. Born (7 th of May, 1947)
and brought up in a farmer’s family he persuaded his research longing right from his childhood in his small workshop. He
worked on valve, transistor radios and developed small gadgets. He believes that knowledge is nobody’s monopoly and by
perseverance of the quest he has contributed in various fields. Even after his superannuation he is still pursuing his quest in
his own laboratory. He is an electrical engineer by degree, a power system expert by post graduation and specialist in solid
state devices by PhD.

He started his early career in R&D of Crompton Greaves Ltd. as Chief Design Engineer. He designed and
developed Ceiling Fan, Table Fan, Alternator, DC machines, and Thyristor speed controllers including import substituted
products. His outstanding contribution was the design and development of a novel Solid State Excitation system for
alternators was awarded a patent. It was an import substitution and named after him in honour.
He is a Fellow IETE (Institution of Electronics & Telecommunication Engineers, New Delhi), Senior Member IEEE
(Institution of Electrical & Electronics Engineers USA), Fellow IEI (Institution of Engineers India, Kolkata), Hon. Fellow ISTE
(Indian Society of Technical Education, New Delhi), Life Member ISET (Indian Society of Earthquake Technology,
Roorkee), Life Member IAPT (Indian Association of Physics Teachers, New Delhi), Life Member RASI (Rock Art Society
India) , Alumni of IIMA ( Indian Institution of Management, Ahmadabad) and NITIE ( National Institute of Training Industrial
Engineers, Mumbai).

Awards, Felicitations & Outstanding Achievements:

 Lifetime Achievement Award, a national award conferred by IETE, New Delhi
 Lifetime Achievement Award, conferred by IETE, Amravati Centre
 Lifetime Achievement Award, conferred by IEI, Amravati Centre
 “B. V. Baliga”, a national award conferred by IETE, New Delhi
 “Best Paper Award” conferred by IEI, Mumbai Centre
 “Vasundhara Mitra” an Award conferred by Kirloskar Vasundhara Sanstha, Pune
 First Inventor of state-of-the-art Rotary IC engine
 First Discoverer of 35000 yrs old Ambadevi Rock Shelter Paintings, Engravings & Ostrich Painting

He has been encouraging many young entrepreneurs in establishing new industries, start-ups and extending
assistance in Detailed Project Report (DPR), management, design, development of products and manufacturing, thereby
creating new employments. He has more than 60 innovative products to his credit including import substitutions. He always
desires to share his industrial experience with young generation which made him leave industry. He opted for a teaching
profession and joined as a Professor in Electronics & Telecommunication. He worked as Principal in Pune Institute of
Computer Technology, Pune and Prof. Ram Meghe Institute of Technology and Research, Amravati. As a teacher he
undertook many novel projects with his students. As a research supervisor for PhD for Amravati, Pune, Kolhapur his
students’ contributions in research have been much appreciated. He was Chairman, Board of studies for many terms. He
was a Member of Board of College and University Development in Pune and Amravati University. Presently he is Governor
Nominated Senate Member. He contributed as an Executive Member of First IT Committee of Govt. of Maharashtra. He has
authored and co-authored 60 research publications in field of Engineering & Technology, Solar Astronomy, and in

He has filed 35 patent applications in India and 2 in PCT (Patent Cooperation Treaty, Geneva) in the field of
Electrical, Mechanical, Civil, Hydraulics, Electronics, Computer Hardware, and Physics. His unique state of the art Patents
in the field of Rotary Internal Combustion Engine, Ternary Computers are worth mentioning.
His outstanding contributions in the field of electronics which include emerging field of Ternary Computers. He has
designed and developed a Ternary Arithmetic and Logic Unit, a new CMOS device for ternary logic circuits, and Ternary-
Binary digital to digital interface. He has co-authored a book on Ternary Logic. Other outstanding contributions include a
novel Rotary IC Engine and Autonomous Solar Power-DG interface for micro-grids.

He is a free lancer in the field of Ornithology. He has discovered new migratory birds in Vidarbha region and co-
authored a book on Birds. He is an advisor to Nature Conservation Society. He has authored a book on nature expedition to
study the flora, fauna, avian and the forest ecology. He is also a free lancer in the field of Archeology where he has been
credited to be first discoverer of 300 cave shelters in 2007. They include rock paintings and engraving from 35000 BCE to
1000 BCE from Upper Palaeolithic to Prehistoric era, now known as Ambadevi Rock Shelters on the border of Amravati and
Betul (M.P.) districts. It is recognized to be the most important discovery of 21 st Century after Bhimbetka of 20 th Century. His
discovery has opened a new chapter in the Paleolithic history of India. He has authored a book on the expedition.
In allied field of sciences he has published papers on Black Hole where he has postulated that Black Hole is nothing
but a larger Neutron Star. In field of Solar Astrology studies he has postulated that the Sun Photosphere comprises multiple
discrete layers. He has also contributed in other areas and published papers on Devnagari Barakhadya (Script and
Punctuation), Secret of OUM Mantra, Rain and Diseases, Role of Male in Evolution, Decoding Enigmatic Indus Seal
“Pashupati”. He still continues the research in various fields in his “Green Circle” laboratory, Amravati (www.vtingole.com)

V T Ingole