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The Green Circle (GC) research establishment was conceived from the idea of ancient “ Library of Alexandra, Egypt” though on a smaller scale. An easily accessible land was acquired in a horse shoe valley of Pohara forest on Mardi road near Amravati (Fig.1). While designing the building a concept of sustainable architecture was kept in mind. The layout of the rooms was made in an octagonal form so that each room would have natural day light and ventilation (Fig.2). The building construction was made from waste fly-ash bricks. Inside such octagonal structure a spacious seminar hall was constructed with foldable roof concept having natural day light and roof-top turbine ventilator. LED lights have been provided if needed.

Sustainable eco-system:

1. Renewable energy generation with roof top solar modules with ON-GRID inverter fulfills the energy needs.
2. A high breed Solar – Wind-mill off-line UPS system provided for emergency loads.
3. Solar Water Heaters provided for hot water needs.
4. Garden Waste: A worm farm composting and Micro organism (Actinomycetes)
5. Rain water harvesting: Ground running rain water from the nearby hills is collected in an artificial pond.
6. Rooftop Rain Water harvesting infrastructure is installed to charge the water well.
7. Sewage water reuse: A novel septic water treatment plant is installed to increase BOD to be used as gray water for garden.
8. Plastic, single-use materials are generally banned in the premises.
9. Other amenities: For a back-up power source a grid power is connected and an AMF controlled standby D-G set is installed.
10. The fundamental objective of the project is to provide necessary infrastructure for continuance and ease of doing industrial research, incubation, product development and innovation in science and technology for science scholars, engineers, technologists and industries. A 24/7 residential infrastructure, workshop, laboratories and seminar hall have been provided for interaction and presentation.

Details of infrastructure:

1. Location: 7 Km East to Sant Gadage baba Amravati University (SGBAU) on Amravati-Mardi Road.
2. Land Area: About 2 acres.
3. Building: Built up area: 700 sq mtr
4. No of Rooms: 17
5. Area of room: Approx. 20 sq mtr
6. All rooms are independent studio with platform and attached bathroom & WC
7. It is also suitable and meant for 2-3 persons stay.
8. A central air cooled Seminar Hall Area- 200 sq mtr with raised platform, podium, PA system, LCD projector & screen and sitting arrangement for 150 participants.
9. Independent Pantry cum kitchen- 15 sq mtr
10. Store room- 15 sq mtr
11. Common Rest room: 8 sq mtrs
12. Work shop: 40 sq mtr

Mechanical Laboratory:

It has research laboratory comprising workshop machinery like bench drilling machine, welding machine, cutting machine and hand tools.

Electronics Laboratory:

It has an independent electronics laboratory with std. oscilloscope, digital oscilloscope, DC and AC power supplies, Electronic work bench, soldering station, drilling machine, PC boards, and standard electronic components.

Physics Laboratory:

Physics based experimental demo kits.

The concept is based on Green sustainable environment. It is surrounded by green hills with natural ambience. It has its solar PV system, a water reservoir Pond to collect water from nearby hills, rain harvesting system, septic water treatment plant. The treated waste water is utilized to maintain garden. Interestingly not a single drop of water is wasted. It has green lush trees and flowering garden all around. Other than the said facilities, an open air Fuller dome of 200 sq. mtr for outdoor programs and an underground 30 sq mtr Yoga room are the unique features of GC.


1. To educate, motivate the budding disciples through contemporary means, demonstration, practical, and field visits to imbibe creative thinking, methodology and skills in the field of Science & Technology and inculcate attitude to innovate solutions and incubate the solutions through sustainable means to deal with present and future challenges for the benefit of stake holders.
2. An epicenter to disseminate the solution to the public at large for sustainable socio-economic growth.
3. An agency to provide training and consultancy to the needy.
4. To act as a consultant, catalyst and a facilitator for the transfer of Technology.


Imminent end to be delayed through quest.

Quest to delay the end

Pursuit through research, incubation and Innovations in the field of Science & Technology for the safety, happiness, conservation and socio-economic development of all stake holders ( वसुधैव कुटूम्बकं )


V T Ingole